Downtown Adventures

The sunny day began with a skytrain ride with my good friend, Hanna (, downtown to Waterfront station. I was super excited to use my new Canon 70-300mm lens (shoutout to all the Canon enthusiasts out there) to shoot Hanna while she danced in a sketchy alley way.

After a few photo shoots on the streets of Gastown, we headed to a cafe on West Hastings, called Prado Cafe! I highly recommend the Almond Milk Latte (in the pic the bottom one is made with almond milk) and the fresh brioche bread!

It was so amazing to visit and tour a place that is only a skytrain ride away! Gastown is now by far my most favourite place to get a latte and take pictures!



thumb_IMG_8294_1024thumb_IMG_8354_1024 copythumb_IMG_8370_1024 copythumb_IMG_8325_1024thumb_IMG_8344_1024


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